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PGNPG Label 
127510Charger Configuration StatusView
127511Inverter Configuration StatusView
127512AGS Configuration StatusView
127513Battery Configuration StatusView
127514AGS StatusView
127744AC Power / Current - Phase AView
127745AC Power / Current - Phase BView
127746AC Power / Current - Phase CView
127747AC Voltage / Frequency - Phase AView
127748AC Voltage / Frequency - Phase BView
127749AC Voltage / Frequency-Phase CView
127750Converter (Inverter/Charger) StatusView
127751DC Voltage / CurrentView
128000Nautical Leeway AngleView
128001Vessel AccelerationView
128002Electric Drive Status, Rapid UpdateView
128003Electric Energy Storage Status, Rapid UpdateView
128006Thruster Control StatusView
128007Thruster InformationView
128008Thruster Motor StatusView
128267Water DepthView
128275Distance LogView
128520Tracked Target DataView
128538Elevator Car StatusView
128768Elevator Motor ControlView
128769Elevator Deck Push ButtonView
128776Windlass Control StatusView
128777Anchor Windlass Operating StatusView
128778Anchor Windlass Monitoring StatusView
128780Linear Actuator Control/StatusView
129025Position, Rapid UpdateView
129026COG & SOG, Rapid UpdateView
129027Position Delta, High Precision Rapid UpdateView
129028Altitude Delta, High Precision Rapid UpdateView
129029GNSS Position DataView
129033Time & DateView
129038AIS Class A Position ReportView
129039AIS Class B Position ReportView
129040AIS Class B Extended Position ReportView
129041AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) ReportView
129045User Datum SettingsView
129283Cross Track ErrorView
129284Navigation DataView
129285Navigation - Route/WP informationView
129291Set & Drift, Rapid UpdateView
129301Time to/from MarkView
129302Bearing and Distance between two MarksView
129538GNSS Control StatusView
129539GNSS DOPsView
129540GNSS Sats in ViewView
129541GPS Almanac DataView
129542GNSS Pseudorange Noise StatisticsView
129545GNSS RAIM OutputView
129546GNSS RAIM SettingsView
129547GNSS Pseudorange Error StatisticsView
129549DGNSS CorrectionsView
129550GNSS Differential Correction Receiver InterfaceView
129551GNSS Differential Correction Receiver SignalView
129556GLONASS Almanac DataView
129792AIS DGNSS Broadcast Binary MessageView
129793AIS UTC and Date ReportView
129794AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related DataView
129795AIS Addressed Binary MessageView
129796AIS AcknowledgeView
129797AIS Binary Broadcast MessageView
129798AIS SAR Aircraft Position ReportView
129799Radio Frequency/Mode/PowerView
129800AIS UTC/Date InquiryView
129801AIS Addressed Safety Related MessageView
129802AIS Safety Related Broadcast MessageView
129803AIS InterrogationView
129804AIS Assignment Mode CommandView
129805AIS Data Link Management MessageView
129806AIS Channel ManagementView
129807AIS Class B Group AssignmentView
129808DSC Call InformationView
129809AIS Class B "CS" Static Data Report, Part AView
129810AIS Class B "CS" Static Data Report, Part BView
129811AIS Single Slot Binary Message - DEPRECATEDView
129812AIS Multi Slot Binary Message - DEPRECATEDView
129813AIS Long-Range Broadcast MessageView
129814AIS Single Slot Binary MessageView
129815AIS Multi Slot Binary MessageView
129816AIS AcknowledgeView
130052Loran-C TD DataView
130053Loran-C Range DataView
130054Loran-C Signal DataView
130061Channel Source ConfigurationView
130064Route and WP Service - Database ListView
130065Route and WP Service - Route ListView
130066Route and WP Service - Route/WP-List AttributesView
130067Route and WP Service - Route - WP Name & PositionView
130068Route and WP Service - Route - WP NameView
130069Route and WP Service - XTE Limit & Navigation MethodView
130070Route and WP Service - WP CommentView
130071Route and WP Service - Route CommentView
130072Route and WP Service - Database CommentView