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17032HVESP23 Cell Balancing ActiveView
17033HVESP23 Internal Charger StatusView
17034HVESP23 High-Voltage Bus Connection StatusView
17035HVESP23 Operational StatusView
17036HVESP23 Status 1 CounterView
17037HVESP23 Status 1 CRCView
17038HVESP23 Discharge Energy CapacityView
17039HVESP23 Charge Energy CapacityView
17040HVESP23 Maximum Charge Voltage LimitView
17041HVESP23 Module 1 Operational StatusView
17042HVESP23 Module 2 Operational StatusView
17043HVESP23 Module 3 Operational StatusView
17044HVESP23 Module 4 Operational StatusView
17045HVESP23 Module 5 Operational StatusView
17046HVESP23 Module 6 Operational StatusView
17047HVESP23 Module 7 Operational StatusView
17048HVESP23 Module 8 Operational StatusView
17049HVESP23 Module 9 Operational StatusView
17050HVESP23 Module 10 Operational StatusView
17051HVESP23 Module 11 Operational StatusView
17052HVESP23 Module 12 Operational StatusView
17053HVESP23 Module 13 Operational StatusView
17054HVESP23 Module 14 Operational StatusView
17055HVESP23 Module 15 Operational StatusView
17056HVESP23 Module 16 Operational StatusView
17057HVESP23 Module 17 Operational StatusView
17058HVESP23 Module 18 Operational StatusView
17059HVESP23 Module 19 Operational StatusView
17060HVESP23 Module 20 Operational StatusView
17061HVESP23 Module 21 Operational StatusView
17062HVESP23 Module 22 Operational StatusView
17063HVESP23 Module 23 Operational StatusView
17064HVESP23 Module 24 Operational StatusView
17065HVESP23 Module 25 Operational StatusView
17066HVESP23 Module 26 Operational StatusView
17067HVESP23 Module 27 Operational StatusView
17068HVESP23 Module 28 Operational StatusView
17069HVESP23 Module 29 Operational StatusView
17070HVESP23 Module 30 Operational StatusView
17071HVESP23 Module 31 Operational StatusView
17072HVESP23 Module 32 Operational StatusView
17073HVESP23 Thermal Management System SLI Input PowerView
17074HVESP23 Thermal Management System High-Voltage Input PowerView
17075HVESP23 Thermal Management System Compressor SpeedView
17076HVESP23 Thermal Management System Relative HumidtyView
17077HVESP23 Thermal Management System Heater StatusView
17078HVESP23 Thermal Management System HVIL StatusView
17079HVESP23 Thermal Management System ModeView
17080HVESP23 Thermal Management System Coolant LevelView
17081HVESP23 Highest Cell Voltage Module NumberView
17082HVESP23 Highest Cell Voltage Cell NumberView
17083HVESP23 Lowest Cell Voltage Module NumberView
17084HVESP23 Lowest Cell Voltage Cell NumberView
17085HVESP23 Average Cell VoltageView
17086HVESP23 Highest Cell Temperature Module NumberView
17087HVESP23 Highest Cell Temperature Cell NumberView
17088HVESP23 Lowest Cell Temperature Module NumberView
17089HVESP23 Lowest Cell Temperature Cell NumberView
17090HVESP23 Highest Cell State of Charge Module NumberView
17091HVESP23 Highest Cell State of Charge Cell NumberView
17092HVESP23 Lowest Cell State of Charge Module NumberView
17093HVESP23 Lowest Cell State of Charge Cell NumberView
17094HVESP23 High-Voltage Bus Active Isolation Test ResultsView
17095HVESP23 High-Voltage Bus Passive Isolation Test ResultsView
17096HVESP23 Bus Voltage Negative to Chassis Ground VoltageView
17097HVESP23 Voltage Level Negative to Chassis Ground VoltageView
17098HVESP23 Actual Charge RateView
17099HVESP23 State of HealthView
17100HVESP23 Contactor Open Under Load CountView
17101HVESP23 Total Energy ThroughputView
17102HVESP23 Total Accumulated ChargeView
17103HVESP23 Total Lifetime Energy InputView
17104HVESP23 Total Lifetime Energy OutputView
17105HVESP23 Nominal VoltageView
17106HVESP23 Recommended Minimum Operating VoltageView
17107HVESP23 Recommended Maximum Operating VoltageView
17108HVESP23 Recommended Minimum State Of ChargeView
17109HVESP23 Recommended Maximum State Of ChargeView
17110HVESP23 Recommended Maximum Operating TemperatureView
17111HVESP23 Recommended Minimum Operating TemperatureView
17112HVESP23 Cell Maximum Voltage LimitView
17113HVESP23 Cell Minimum Voltage LimitView
17114HVESP23 Nominal Rated CapacityView
17115HVESP24 High-Voltage Bus Connect CommandView
17116HVESP24 Power-Down CommandView
17117HVESP24 High-Voltage Bus Active Isolation Test CommandView
17118HVESP24 High-Voltage Bus Passive Isolation Test CommandView
17119HVESP24 Cell Balancing CommandView
17120HVESP24 Enable Internal Charger CommandView
17121HVESP24 Operation ConsentView
17122HVESP24 High-Voltage Bus High Side Resistor Connect RequestView
17123HVESP24 High-Voltage Bus Low Side Resistor Connect RequestView
17124HVESP24 Control 1 CounterView
17125HVESP24 Control 1 CRCView
17126HVESP24 Discharge Power Limit Due to State of ChargeView
17127HVESP24 Discharge Power Limit Due to Battery TemperatureView
17128HVESP24 Discharge Power Limit Due to Battery Diagnostic ConditionView
17129HVESP24 Discharge Power Limit Due to Battery or Cell VoltageView
17130HVESP24 Discharge Power Limit Due to Battery CurrentView
17131HVESP24 Discharge Power Limit Due to an Undefined CauseView