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1427Engine Cylinder 15 Ignition TimingView
1428Engine Cylinder 16 Ignition TimingView
1429Engine Cylinder 17 Ignition TimingView
1430Engine Cylinder 18 Ignition TimingView
1431Engine Cylinder 19 Ignition TimingView
1432Engine Cylinder 20 Ignition TimingView
1433Engine Desired Ignition Timing 1View
1434Engine Desired Ignition Timing 2View
1435Engine Desired Ignition Timing 3View
1436Engine Actual Ignition TimingView
1437Road Speed Limit StatusView
1438ABS/EBS Amber Warning Signal (Powered Vehicle)View
1439EBS Red Warning SignalView
1440Engine Fuel Flow Rate 1View
1441Engine Fuel Flow Rate 2View
1442Engine Fuel Valve 1 PositionView
1443Engine Fuel Valve 2 PositionView
1444Engine Cylinder #1 Combustion TimeView
1445Engine Cylinder #2 Combustion TimeView
1446Engine Cylinder #3 Combustion TimeView
1447Engine Cylinder #4 Combustion TimeView
1448Engine Cylinder #5 Combustion TimeView
1449Engine Cylinder #6 Combustion TimeView
1450Engine Cylinder #7 Combustion TimeView
1451Engine Cylinder #8 Combustion TimeView
1452Engine Cylinder #9 Combustion TimeView
1453Engine Cylinder #10 Combustion TimeView
1454Engine Cylinder #11 Combustion TimeView
1455Engine Cylinder #12 Combustion TimeView
1456Engine Cylinder #13 Combustion TimeView
1457Engine Cylinder #14 Combustion TimeView
1458Engine Cylinder #15 Combustion TimeView
1459Engine Cylinder #16 Combustion TimeView
1460Engine Cylinder #17 Combustion TimeView
1461Engine Cylinder #18 Combustion TimeView
1462Engine Cylinder #19 Combustion TimeView
1463Engine Cylinder #20 Combustion TimeView
1464Engine Desired Combustion TimeView
1465Engine Average Combustion TimeView
1466Steer Channel ModeView
1467Trailer/tag Channel ModeView
1468Drive Channel ModeView
1469PCU Drive Solenoid StatusView
1470PCU Steer Solenoid StatusView
1471Tire Pressure Supply Switch StatusView
1472PCU Deflate Solenoid StatusView
1473PCU Control Solenoid StatusView
1474PCU Supply Solenoid StatusView
1475PCU Trailer, Tag or Push Solenoid StatusView
1479Security Entity TypeView
1480Source Address of Controlling Device for Retarder ControlView
1481Source Address of Controlling Device for Brake ControlView
1482Source Address of Controlling Device for Transmission ControlView
1483Source Address of Controlling Device for Engine ControlView
1487Background illumination level — CommandView
1503Armrest 1 Switch 1View
1545SPN DataView
1547A/C Evaporator TemperatureView
1550Estimated Percent Fan 2 SpeedView
1557Fan 2 Drive StateView
1568Engine Torque Curve SelectionView
1569Engine Protection Torque DerateView
1573LED Display Data #1View
1574Laser Strike Vertical DeviationView
1575Modify Leveling System Set PointView
1576Mast PositionView
1577Blade Duration and DirectionView
1578Blade Control ModeView
1579Laser Tracer Target DeviationView
1580Laser Tracer Vertical DistanceView
1581Laser Tracer Horizontal DeviationView
1582LED Display Data #2View
1583Laser Tracer InformationView
1584Service Component IdentificationView
1585Powered Vehicle WeightView
1586Speed of forward vehicleView
1587Distance to forward vehicleView
1588Adaptive Cruise Control Set SpeedView
1589Adaptive cruise control set distance modeView
1590Adaptive Cruise Control ModeView
1591Road curvatureView
1592Front Axle, Left Wheel SpeedView
1593Front axle, right wheel speedView
1594Rear axle, left wheel speedView
1595Rear axle, right wheel speedView
1596Security Entity LengthView
1597Data Security ParameterView
1598Fan 2 SpeedView
1600Engine Fuel Rate (High Resolution)View
1601Local minute offsetView
1602Local hour offsetView
1603Adjust secondsView
1604Adjust minutesView
1605Adjust hoursView
1606Adjust monthView
1607Adjust dayView
1608Adjust yearView
1609Adjust local minute offsetView
1610Adjust local hour offsetView